What are your opening hours?

Walled Nursery and Vinery Café
8am until 5pm Tuesday to Friday
9am until 5pm Saturday
10am until 4pm Sundays

Why don't you display prices on-line?

We quite often have offers and we do not have an automated system to allow us to update things onto our website automatically. The amount of work this involves would take us away from growing quality plants.

Do you accept National Garden Gift Vouchers?


Do you sell gift vouchers?

YES, for purchases in our own nursery.

Do you provide a delivery service?

Depends on location and quantity

Do you offer a mail order service?


Is The Nursery wheelchair accessible?

YES, you can get around the nursery by wheelchair although you wouldn’t be able to access the melon house or parts of the Vinery as the paths are too narrow and there are steps.

Do you have toilet facilities?


Do you have a tea room?

As of September 2016, we’re proud to announce the opening of our Vinery Café. Open Tuesday to Sunday, we serve up simple, seasonal dishes, breakfast, lunches and afternoon teas. Our menu changes weekly. We do not take bookings unless you are 6 people or more. Telephone:01580 752752.

Can you recommend rabbit-proof plants?

Mainly aromatic plants such as Lavenders, Anthemis, Verbenas, Salvias, Pansies, Violas to name a few. We have a huge amount of rabbits outside of our four walls so plenty of testing ground. We do label plants which rabbits will not eat.

Which plants attract bees and butterflies?

Plants such as Salvias, Buddlejas, Verbenas, Dahlias all attract bees. We have a huge amount of bees at our nursery and we also have our own honey bee hive… look out for Walled Nursery honey in the future. We do label our bee friendly plants

Do you sell compost?

Yes, we sell multi purpose, peat free, ericaceous and worm cast compost for seedlings and cuttings

What plants are suitable for shade?

We have a shade loving area. Plants such as Rodgersia, Brunnera, Ferns, Hostas to name a few.

What plants are suitable for dry soils?

Verbenas, Sedums, Anthemis, Grasses to name a few. All of our plants are displayed showing their ideal soil and site conditions. We have plants to suit all soils and aspects.

What plants are suitable for groundcover?

We have a ground cover area. Plants like Heuchera, Alchemilla Mollis, Bergenia, Ajuga are all great ground cover plants to name a few.

What does AGM in the plant description mean?

Award of Garden Merit, these plants have been awarded the Garden Merit by the RHS. Awards are usually given after a period of trial at an RHS garden, often Wisley. Plants are judged by one of the RHS plant committees. Any plants with the AGM are displayed on their labels.

When is the best time of year to plant?

Ideally spring or autumn. We believe that autumn is the optimum time to plant as this gives the plants enough warmth kept in the soil from summer and water to get their roots well established

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards except American Express. We have a minimum spend on cards of £5.00