At the Walled Nursery there is always something to do...lots to do in fact. For our young, strong volunteers we have a range of projects including building new compost areas and bays. We need help strimming, dealing with our pernicious weeds and clearing flowerbeds. Our more mature helpers could find themselves potting, pricking out, propagating and more.

Emma learnt much of her craft volunteering under Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter, while she was still studying at Hadlow. So we understand that volunteering is not a one way street. We will help you learn as much as possible from your experiences with us.

Volunteering is a great way to boost your CV while you’re studying or give you that valuable work experience to start you on the ladder. Perhaps you’re just looking to be part of a team or want to fill your spare time. Whatever your reasons, if you are interested in volunteering at the Walled Nursery, please contact us.


"I have a learnt a colossal amount since I have been volunteering here. The time spent is totally varied. I do something different every time and never know what I’m going to be doing from one volunteer day to the next. Working with Emma and Monty is wonderful. It’s such a beautiful place and they really make you feel part of it. I never feel taken for granted – they are always grateful for anything you can do. I just love this place"


‘I spend my time here potting, pricking out and taking cuttings. The beautiful, peaceful setting is a great way to take time out from my busy life and I have learnt so much from the expertise of Jacqui, Monty and Emma.’



‘I love it here. In fact I love it so much that I travel an hour on the bus once a week to get here. I’ve been coming nearly a year now. I started off on the Bed of Doom – and still came back! I now do a bit of everything really. It’s a very friendly atmosphere and it’s great to be surrounded by these beautiful glasshouses. I come from a nursery background and have always had a passion for cold frames and glasshouses so it’s perfect for me. I really do just love it.’