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How Do You Keep Wind Chimes From Rusting

Wind chimes are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but they can quickly become damaged by rust if not properly cared for. So how should we are for them?

What Are Wind Chimes Used For?

Wind chimes have been used for centuries as an instrument that creates soothing and relaxing sounds. but what else?

Do Florida Homes Have Basements?

Do Florida Homes Have Basements? Florida homes do not typically have basements as the state. Find out why?

Why Do Pools in Florida Have Cages Around Them?

Pools in Florida often have cages around them for several reasons. Find out why and the laws behind them here…

Water Collecting Restrictions in California (Madness?)

Madness… Did you know until as recently as 2012, it was illegal to collect rainwater in California? Find out more water collecting restrictions here…

What are the Laws About Building a Patio in California?

There are laws about building patios in California that you’ll need to follow. Check out what you need to know before building

Cut grass before winter guide

How Short To Cut Grass Before Winter

Early dormancy may stress the roots and lead to the premature death of some of your grass. For most varieties, mowing at 2.5 inches is ideal during the winter.

7 Landscape Fabric Alternatives

Using landscape fabric alternatives can help with garden health allowing water to still pass through the fabrics too the roots. check out our alternatives here…

Finding gold in your backyard

Can You Find Gold in Your Backyard? (You’ll Be Amazed)

You’ll want to carefully inspect the area and choose where you want to search for it wisely. Gold is usually near water since currents deposit it in the soil there. 

Porch light blinking problem explained

Why Is Your Porch Light Blinking All the Time?

If your light is blinking, you’ll want to correct the issue as soon as possible. Many people believe a flashing porch light to be a distress signal, so your neighbors may come to check on you.

Types of wood chip to avoid in gardens explained

Types of Wood Chip To Avoid in Gardens

The best wood chips to use are the ones you can find locally. They’re much more sustainable and help keep the chips out of landfills.

Cost To Build a 10 x 10 Shed

Cost To Build a 10 x 10 Shed

In general, the cost to build a 10 x 10 shed will depend on several factors. Labor and materials are the main factors that you’ll want to consider.

Growing sphagnum moss grow underwater

Can Sphagnum Moss Grow Underwater?

Sphagnum moss grows naturally in bog environments, so while it loves water, it won’t grow if submerged for several days. 

Is Backyard Skinny Dipping legal

Backyard Skinny Dipping (Is It Legal?)

You won’t want to get in trouble, so make sure you know the laws about skinny dipping in your area. Read our guide to find out more.

Top 8 Hummingbird Feeders That Actually Work 

So many options when it comes to choosing the right hummingbird feeder. We’ve picked 8 that could be right for you.

Can You Leave Patio Furniture Outside in Winter? 

Wondering if you are able to leave patio furniture outside in winter? Find out here…

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum Patio Covers 

Is Aluminum patio covers the right choice for you? Or should you choose another material? Find out here

What is Rooftop Gardening? (Beginner Guide and Benefits) 

Rooftop gardening is extremely popular in large cities as there are limited gardening areas. What should you consider before starting yours?