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7 Popular Garden Hose Nozzles and Sprays

Choosing the right nozzle is more important than choosing the right hose. Which one is right for you?

What Material Is Best For Your Shed?

What material is best for your shed? The “best” material is subjective depending on what’s your priority. Find out the best materials and company brand here…

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Protect plants from frost with tarp

Will a Tarp Protect Plants From Frost?

Plastic tarps can protect your plants from frost, but they aren’t the most effective material you can use. Instead, you’ll want to choose a cotton fabric for better results. If your plants touch the plastic, they can quickly freeze.  

Applying winter fertilizer

When To Apply Winter Fertilizer

All homeowners should be careful when applying their winter fertilizer because it can significantly impact how their lawn looks come spring. There’s more to learn, so you can give your grass the nutrients it needs. 

Indoor plants repel flies listed

10 Indoor Plants That Repel Flies

You can place these around your home and their scent will keep those buzzing pests at bay. Here are some of the best plants that repel flies. 

Mosquito repellent indoor plants lavender

Mosquito Repellent Indoor Plants

If you’ve been struggling with a battle against mozzies in the home, there are some plants you can grow indoors that will keep these pesky bugs at bay.

White Perennials blooming summer

8 White Perennials That Bloom All Summer

You have plenty of options if you want to grow white perennials at home. Several species can bloom throughout summer, so you’ll want to choose the flowers you like the most. 

7 Landscape Fabric Alternatives

Using landscape fabric alternatives can help with garden health allowing water to still pass through the fabrics too the roots. check out our alternatives here…