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7 Popular Garden Hose Nozzles and Sprays

Choosing the right nozzle is more important than choosing the right hose. Which one is right for you?

What Material Is Best For Your Shed?

What material is best for your shed? The “best” material is subjective depending on what’s your priority. Find out the best materials and company brand here…

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Extending a wooden fence post height process

Can You Extend a Wooden Fence Post Height? 

There are a lot of reasons you may want a higher fence, especially for privacy. Should you replace the whole thing with something taller or can you extend your fence posts?

Tips for fixing an uneven lawn

How to Fix an Uneven Lawn? (Complete Guide)

An uneven lawn, especially if it is actively changing, can be a troubling aesthetic. Should you do the work yourself, hire a professional, or just let it go?

Topsoil weight

How Much Does a Yard of Topsoil Weigh?

Overall, a cubic yard of topsoil is extremely heavy. You’d likely need several 40-pound bags of topsoil to fill a hole of that size. You’ll want to know how to calculate exactly how much topsoil you need. 

how often outdoor Croton bloom

How Often Do Croton Bloom?

If you want your Croton plant to flower, you’ll need to take several additional steps to encourage it to bloom. Once you do, the plant can bloom all year long. 

Cut off brown spots on Pothos explained

Should I Cut Off Brown Spots on Pothos?

Brown spots indicate stress in the plant and cause it to wither quickly- taking care of them by removing these leaves right away helps.

Do sonic spikes get rid of moles or not

Do Sonic Spikes Really Get Rid of Moles?

They look effective because of the moles’ feeding habits- but not because they frighten them off. You’ll want to learn more before you try them.