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Comfrey Uses In The Garden (Benefits and Cautions)

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How To Take Care Of Polka Dot Plants

Have your Polka Dot Plants seen better days? It may be because you’re not caring for it properly. See where you’re going wrong with our guide.

Does Organic Soil Have Bugs

Does Organic Soil Have Bugs?

Bugs have positive and negative impacts on the plants and the soil. Most bugs found in organic soils include gnats, spider mites, ladybugs, and aphids. Bugs can find their way to your soil in different ways, for example, contamination and introducing foreign crops. However, healthy soils mixed with organic fertilizers such as compost attract good…

Yellow Mushroom In Houseplant – Should I Be Worried?

You certainly haven’t planted the mushrooms in the pot so where did they come from? If this has left you scratching your head, you’re not alone.

How Do You Feed Your Lawn Organically? Lush Green Lawns

How do you feed a lawn without using man made chemicals? We look at organic compost and fertilizer.

Can Plants Die of Old Age?

How long do plants live for and how to spot if your plant is dying.

7 Plants that Attract Beneficial Insects into an Organic Garden

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How to Encourage Biodiversity In an Organic Garden

Explore some easy ways to encourage biodiversity in your organic garden!

Pallet garden with pots | DIY Ideas

Some great ideas for how to use pallets in your garden, including planters, sofas, potting tables, and more!

5 Natural Methods To Kill Weeds In An Organic Garden

How do you deal with those pesky weeds without resorting to harmful, inorganic herbicides? Some of these methods may surprise you, but all of them work! 

How to Grow a Healthy Crabapple Tree in a Pot

Will your Crabapple Tree be able to survive in a pot? Read this helpful article to discover the best growing conditions for these beloved ornamental trees.

Do Hawthorn Trees Smell Bad?

Have you ever wondered why Hawthorn trees smell so awful or if they all smell that way? Read on to find out more about Hawthorn trees and just how far the truth goes when it comes to the smell!

How To Tell If Your Tulip Poplar Is Dying (Early Signs)

If you’re worried your tulip poplar tree might be dying, double-check with these early signs!

Do Vertical Gardens Damage Walls?

Discover the reasons why vertical gardens can cause a lot of damage to your walls. Then learn how to successfully grow a vertical garden without destroying the wall behind it with our easy solutions.

Why is My Birch Tree Peeling?

Have you ever wondered why the bark of a birch tree peels off? We look at the top reasons why this is happening!

Do Tulip Poplars Have Deep Roots?

How deep do the roots of a Tulip Poplar usually grow? Do you need to worry about them damaging the surface?

Do Dogwood Trees Smell Bad?

Dogwood trees often make it on the list for smelly trees throughout the world, however, it could be a case of mistaken identity. There’s a lot more to Dogwoods than just their smell!

Can Oak Trees Grow in Pots?

Can you grow an oak tree in a container? What do you need to think about to do this successfully?