How to Grow a Healthy Crabapple Tree in a Pot

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Crabapple trees can thrive when grown in a pot, provided that they have the right type of nutritious soil, water, sunlight, and a pot big enough to accommodate their growth.  

What Are the Benefits of Growing Crabapple Trees in Pots? 

Growing beautiful ornamental crabapple trees in a pot is a great option because you will have more control over the soil within the pot to help your tree stay healthy. Additionally, you can grow a variety of other plants close to your crabapple tree without requiring them to have the same soil and water needs. 

What Type of Crabapple Trees Are Best For Potting? 

The many varieties of crabapple trees may have your head spinning, but fear not! Most types will do very well potted, as long as you choose a variety that is on the smaller side and will stay around 10-12 feet or smaller when fully grown

Our recommendation is the “Cinzam” Crabapple Tree or otherwise known as “Cinderella” for its beautiful white flowers and golden, yellow fruits. The Tree is known to only grow up to 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. This Dwarf Crabapple Tree is perfect for any landscape or container growth.

Where is The Best Place To Put Your Potted Crabapple Tree? 

Even with smaller varieties of crabapple trees, it’s best to choose a spot outside where they will have plenty of space to grow, as well as access to plenty of sunshine.  

These trees prefer to grow outdoors and won’t do well as house plants. Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, you can start potting your tree!

How Do You Choose The Right Pot? 

When it comes to potting crabapple trees – size matters! The most important thing to remember is that the pot needs to be big enough for the future growth of the tree.  

Once potted, it will be difficult to move your tree if it were to outgrow the pot. Make sure you choose the correct size from the get-go. Most crabapple trees do well in a pot that is 12-24 inches in diameter.  

Will A Potted Crabapple Tree Need Pruning? 

You may want to be prepared to prune your potted crabapple tree once a year, especially if it’s a larger type of tree. The most important thing to avoid is allowing the tree to grow so tall that it becomes top-heavy which would cause the pot to tip over. 

You will likely want to trim between 3-5 inches off of the tree yearly to keep it the ideal size for your pot. The exact amount of pruning is totally up to you, as long as your tree is healthy and not growing so large that it outgrows the pot you chose, it should be just fine.

What Conditions Are Best For A Potted Crabapple Tree? 

Generally, almost all types of crabapple trees require full sunlight. This means you will need to place your crabapple tree in a spot that gets a full cycle of sunlight each day. Around 5-7hours of direct sunlight should do the trick.  

Without adequate sunlight, the trees will have a hard time producing the fruit and flowers they’re known for. Crabapple trees do the best in average climates and regions where there are cold and warm seasons.  

It is important to remember that they will need a mate to produce flowers and fruit! Make sure that there is another crabapple tree within 10-12 feet so that they can cross-pollinate!  

For the healthiest trees, you will want to make sure that the soil composition is moist and drains easily. You will want to make sure that your tree is getting about an inch of water every week, but be careful not to overwater. Overly wet and soggy soil in a pot can lead to root rot which will eventually kill your crabapple tree.  

It’s a good idea to complement your soil with organic compost to provide your tree with vital nutrients and use a fertilizer after the first year of growth to give the tree a healthy boost. 

Is It Difficult To Grow Potted Crabapple Trees? 

Overall, crabapple trees are easy to grow in a pot. Keep an eye on the soil to make sure it isn’t getting too soggy, and of course, watch out for any insects or plant diseases. Other than that, all these gorgeous trees need is some direct sunlight and a nice big pot.