How to Make a Pallet Garden Sofa? (Complete Guide)

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Why bother spending money on an outdoor sofa when you can make your own? Pallet garden sofa is simple and easy to build even if you aren’t a DIY expert.

What Do I Need to Make a Pallet Garden Sofa? 

  • Plenty of cushions 
  • Screws 
  • An electric drill 
  • Wooden pallets 
  • Chalk paint suitable for garden furniture 
  • A paintbrush 
  • A mini paint roller and a tray 

How to Build a Pallet Garden Sofa (Step by Step Guide) 

Step One) Prepare Your Pallets 

Start by carefully sanding down and preparing your pallets. You want a nice, smooth surface so that there is no risk of splinters when you’re sitting and enjoying your furniture. Take the time to smooth off any rough edges and treat any cracks. 

You should also take this opportunity to stack your pallets up and see what height you prefer. Make sure you have enough pallets to achieve this height – but don’t forget that you are going to add some cushions on top! You will also need another pallet for the back of the sofa. 

Step Two) Paint Your Pallets 

Stir your paint thoroughly, and then tip some into your paint tray and use the roller to paint the edges of the pallet. You want a good, even coat. Use a brush to get into awkward crevices, and then leave the paint to dry. 

Paint the underside of the pallet, and again allow it to dry before applying the second coat of paint to each side. This should give you a good, hard-wearing, and waterproof cover that will help your sofa to last well even in bad weather. You can add a third coat, but this is not likely to be necessary. 

Paint all of your pallets in this way. 

Step Three) Secure Your Pallets 

Stack your pallets to the right height, and take the time to line up all the edges, making sure that they are square. You don’t want a lopsided sofa! 

Once you are satisfied, you might find it helps to press your pallets up against a flat surface, such as a wall, to reduce the risk of them slipping. You can also use clamps to hold the pallets in place or kneel on them to keep them still. 

Next, use the screws and an electric drill to secure them in place. It’s important to use long screws to make the furniture strong and ensure there will be no movement between the pallets. Put one screw in each corner, and then space a handful more evenly along each edge. 

Step Four) Create The Back 

Place another pallet at the back, standing up vertically so that it forms the back of the sofa. This will give you something to lean on and stop the cushions from falling off. Position it so that the surface of the pallet faces the seating area, providing a good backrest. 

Once you are happy with it, screw it into place, again using the electric drill. 

Step Five) Make It Comfortable 

Once you are happy with your sofa, it’s time to add some decorations! You can purchase scatter cushions and simply cover the bottom of the sofa and the back, or you can buy some pieces of foam and cut them to size. 

Get some tough fabric to cover them, in a color that matches your paint. It is best not to use very light colors in the garden, as these will show the dirt. If possible, incorporate a fastener so that the covers can be removed and washed when necessary. 

Step Six) Decorate It 

Now that the sofa is finished, you can create some decorations for it. Tassels, vinyl, stamps, or swirly paint designs can all look great on a garden sofa, but make sure you are using materials that will hold up to the outdoor weather, or that you can easily remove and bring inside. 

Why Are Pallet Sofas Great? 

The best thing about pallet sofas is that they are easy to make. Even if you are not very experienced in DIY, you can throw one together without too much difficulty, because they involve minimal measuring and no cutting. All you have to do is sand and paint the wood, and screw it together. 

They are also reasonably inexpensive, especially when compared to purchasing a garden sofa, and you can ensure that they match your garden decor. This means you can create a seating area on a very minimal budget! It’s also easy to add more pallets to create more seating or even to make a corner sofa if you want to. 

Is It Better to Buy a Pallet Garden Sofa?  

There are many reasons why people decide to buy Pallet Sofas, most commonly just because they just don’t have the time or effort, making it more appealing to buy one. 

We will always recommend that you build your own Pallet Sofa as you are able to use recycled materials that help the environment. However, if you are thinking of buying your own, we recommend Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box. 

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