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How Often Do You Water a Bonsai Tree?

How Often Do You Water a Bonsai Tree?

How often should you water a Bonsai tree? If you want to grow a bonsai tree at home, you’ll want to learn how to water the tree correctly.

Why Is My Compost Not Getting Hot?

Why Is My Compost Not Getting Hot?

Many different factors can cause your compost not to reach high enough temperatures.

How Long Does It Take for Weeds to Die After Spraying?

How Long Does It Take for Weeds to Die After Spraying?

The weed spray that you use can determine how long it takes for the weeds to die after spraying them.

How To Kill Clover but Not My Grass?

How To Kill Clover but Not My Grass?

There are many different ways to kill clover while leaving your grass intact! Clover can be frustrating, but using the following methods will make it much easier for you. 

How To Put Manure in Potted Plants

How To Put Manure in Potted Plants

Since potted plants don’t have access to soil, they need more nutrients from time to time. Adding manure or fertilizer to their pots can help them thrive.

How To Prepare Soil for Succulents

How To Prepare Soil for Succulents

Succulents don’t like much water, so the more drainage they have, the more they’ll thrive. You have plenty of options when preparing the soil for these plants!

How To Get Rid Of Backyard Mushrooms 

Backyard mushrooms can look unappealing to many gardeners and can be hard to remove. Find out how here…

Why Are My Calathea Rattlesnake Leaves Curling? 

Has your Calathea Rattlesnake leaves started to curl? You may not be caring for it correctly, find how what’s wrong here?

Why Are My Calathea Leaves Turning Yellow? 

Is your Calathea plant leaves turning yellow and you don’t know why? Well, we may have the answer.

10 Plants That Thrive In Sunlight (Rooftop Garden Ideas)  

Planning on starting your rooftop garden? well, you’ll need to find out about plants that thrive in sunlight and what will happen if you don’t. Find out here

Can I Use Cactus soil for Orchids? 

Orchids require certain soils to grow well and you can create a potting mix that’s perfect. Click here to find out how.

What is Rooftop Gardening? (Beginner Guide and Benefits) 

Rooftop gardening is extremely popular in large cities as there are limited gardening areas. What should you consider before starting yours?

Holly Bushes in Pots (Complete Care Guide) 

Considering Holly Bushes in Pots to brighten up your home? Find out everything you need to know about caring for potted holly bushes.

How To Make a Lightweight Soil Mixture for Roof Gardens 

Been struggling to find the perfect lightweight soil mixture for your rooftop garden? Why not use ours…

How To Stop Comfrey From Spreading? (No Harsh Chemicals)

Have you got comfrey in your garden? Wondering how to stop comfrey from spreading organically.

5 Amazing Places To Visit In Kent If You Love Gardening

Have you ever visited Kent, Hawkhurst? Passionate about gardening and in the area, here are 5 places you must visit…

Shampoo Plant – Complete Guide

Ever wanted to grow your own Shampoo Plant or otherwise known Shampoo Ginger to clam its benefits for yourself?

10 Most Beautiful Christmas Plants That Can Live Outside

Some christmas plants have to be moved indoors during the holiday season, while others look stunning in the snow. Find out our top 10…