Which Hygrometer Is Best for Terrarium? (Best Value for Money)

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The best hygrometer would be one that’s accurate, convenient, and affordable. The Goabroa digital hygrometer meets all these conditions, so you get great value for your money. It’s usually within 1% accurate, making it perfect for keeping reptiles. 

Keeping a terrarium takes a lot of work and dedication. You need to ensure your reptiles are healthy, which means using a hygrometer to track the moisture in the tank.

These tools can be expensive, so you’ll want to read on to find the one that’s the best value for your money. Also, check out our full Thermo-hygrometer for a terrarium guide to answer all your questions.

What Do I Need in a Hygrometer? 

If you’re keeping a terrarium, you’ll want to use a reliable hygrometer. Whether you’re keeping plants or reptiles, you’ll need to check the moisture and temperature levels frequently. Otherwise, the life in your tank will start to suffer. 

There are a few different aspects to consider when buying a hygrometer. You’ll need to keep them in mind as you shop, so you know that you’re getting the best product. 

Here’s what you need to consider before you buy a hygrometer: 

  • Do you want an analog or digital hygrometer? 
  • The display should be easy to read and understand. 
  • It should give accurate readings. 
  • It should be durable. 
  • Sometimes, you might want additional features. Hygrometers can come with clocks, alarms, or even some memory capabilities.  

Should I Buy a Digital or Analog Hygrometer? 

First, you must decide whether you want a digital or analog hygrometer. When it comes to money, analog hygrometers are usually more cost-efficient. However, there are still some cheap, reliable hygrometers that you can find online. 

Digital hygrometers use sensing probes to read the moisture content, making them very accurate. Many of these models are also very durable, so they’ll last much longer.

That means you won’t need to spend to replace them as often. However, they will need a constant supply of batteries to keep running.  

Analog hygrometers are not as accurate, and you’ll need to calibrate them often. Many aren’t super durable, and they become less accurate with time.

You’ll likely need to replace these hydrometers more often than digital ones. Although, the upfront cost is a bit lower. 

So, while you might pay less for an analog hygrometer upfront, you still get more value out of a digital one.

It’ll last longer and give you more accurate readings to keep your terrarium in good condition. The best option is to pair them with rechargeable batteries, which can help you save more money over time. How Do you read a thermo-hygrometer?

What Should a Hygrometer Display Look Like? 

Most digital hygrometers come with an easy-to-read LCD. You want to ensure that you can read the screen easily through the tank, so you don’t have to disturb it whenever you need to check the humidity levels. 

Digital hygrometers are usually easier to read at a glance than analog ones, which use a face, numbers, and hands, much like a clock.

They point to a number representing the humidity percentage in the tank. For example, if the hygrometer points to 65, your terrarium’s humidity is at 65%.  

While reading both hygrometers is still simple, many prefer viewing a display screen. It gives you fast and accurate readings. 

How Accurate is the Hygrometer? 

Next, you want to find an accurate hygrometer. It won’t be a good purchase if the device doesn’t give you an accurate humidity reading, primarily since your terrarium relies on it. 

You want the hygrometer to be within 5% of the actual humidity level. For most terrariums, that’s close enough to work well. You’ll need to test and calibrate the hygrometer to ensure it’s as accurate as possible. 

The more accurate the hygrometer is, the more it’s worth the price. 

How Durable is the Hygrometer? 

If the hygrometer isn’t durable, you’ll be paying for another one soon enough. You can save by buying one stable model instead of multiple hygrometers that break easily.  

You might not be able to tell how durable a hygrometer is before you buy it, so it’s a good idea to read some online reviews.

If you notice many customers complaining that the device didn’t last long for them, you’ll want to avoid that hygrometer. 

While researching the hygrometer, you should check if it offers a warranty. These provide more value for the money because you can replace them for free if something goes wrong. 

Overall, durability is one of the essential aspects you want a hygrometer to have, especially if you have curious reptiles who might knock it over repeatedly. 

Does a Hygrometer Need Additional Features?  

You might want your hygrometer to have additional features. If you’re raising reptiles, you might want a thermo-hygrometer— a hygrometer combined with a thermostat. That way, you can easily see the temperature and humidity of the tank at the same time. 

Others can also come with a clock or memory, which allows the device to save and restore its settings after the battery dies or you turn it off.

Some hygrometers can also track humidity data, allowing you to review fluctuations over a set period. 

Not every hygrometer has these features, so you’ll need to consider what you want the most.

The more features you want, the more expensive the hygrometer will be. Plus, complicated parts will cost more than simple ones. 

Even if a hygrometer has no extra features, it can still be perfect for your terrarium setup. As long as the hygrometer does what you need and offers accurate readings, it’s an excellent purchase. 

Which Terrarium Hygrometer Has the Best Value for Your Money? 

We’d have to say that the Goabroa Mini Hygrometer Thermometer. It’s a simple digital hygrometer that meets all the above conditions and comes at a great price. Plus, it goes on sale often so that you can get it for even less. 

First, the display is straightforward to read. The larger number with the percent sign is the humidity reading, and the temperature reading is right next to it. You can quickly tell what the condition of your terrarium is without hassle.  

It’s also durable and highly accurate. The device is only ever off by 1%, so you can trust the readings it gives you.

The device doesn’t take a lot of power to run either, allowing the batteries to last between 18 to 24 months. You won’t need to spend a lot to keep this hygrometer running! 

The company also offers 100% of your money back if the device doesn’t work. So, you get a great warranty with your purchase. Lastly, it’s a very compact hygrometer, so you can comfortably put it in any size terrarium.  

What’s a Good Alternative Terrarium Hygrometer? 

If the Goabroa Mini Hygrometer Thermometer isn’t for you, you still have options for a great hygrometer. Instead, you’ll want to look into the REPTI ZOO Terrarium Hygrometer. While it’s a little more expensive than the Goabroa, it’s excellent for reptile keepers and still has outstanding value.  

The REPTI ZOO hygrometer offers a clear display, accurate readings, and a one-year warranty. It also comes with two additional batteries, which should last around a year or slightly longer. 

The best extra feature would be the connected suction cup with this hygrometer. It connects right to the side of the terrarium, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over inside the tank. It’s convenient, and more hygrometers should come with this simple feature. 

In short, this reptile terrarium hygrometer is perfect if you’re looking for good value. It’s inexpensive and comes with all the best features of a product like this. It’s reliable and should last you a very long time. 

Are Cost-Efficient Hygrometers Accurate? 

Cost-efficient hygrometers can be accurate. The technology that they use is very simple, but it works well. Cheap hygrometers might not have many extra features. However, they should still be useful for reading the humidity in your terrarium.  

Many cheap analog hygrometers are within 7% accurate of the actual humidity. That can be fine for some terrariums, but you’ll need to calibrate the device often to get the best results.

Low-cost digital hygrometers usually within 5% accuracy, making them a better choice for your money. 

However, cheap hygrometers can fluctuate in accuracy over time. You’ll want to test them at least every six months, or sooner if you can, and calibrate them.

If you need to keep calibrating them more and more frequently, then it’s usually better to replace them with a new one, so you can trust the readings you get for your tank. 

Overall, cheap hygrometers can be reasonably accurate. Some are more accurate than others. If you find one that’s consistently within 1% accurate at a low price, then that option is better than the rest. 

How Do Cost-Efficient Hygrometers Work? 

Most low-cost hygrometers use a resistive sensor. The sensor is a piece of ceramic that can make contact with the air.

The sensor absorbs more water when there’s more humidity in the air, causing the electrical current flowing through the device to change.  

Then, the hygrometer can measure the current and give you a humidity reading. Even cheap hygrometers can work quickly using this technology. 


Here’s what you need to consider before you buy a hygrometer: Do you want an analog or digital hygrometer? The display should be easy to read and understand, It should give accurate readings, and It should be durable. Sometimes, you might want additional features. Hygrometers can come with clocks, alarms, or even some memory capabilities.  

The best hygrometer would be one that’s accurate, convenient, and affordable. The Goabroa digital hygrometer meets all these conditions, so you get great value for your money. It’s usually within 1% accurate, making it perfect for keeping reptiles.