Can Gorilla Dump Carts Be Hung? Storage Ideas 

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If you want another way to open more space while storing your Gorilla dump cart, hanging can be an option for you. Many people hang them up in their garages or sheds to keep them from taking up floor space. You’ll want to know the proper way to hang your cart, so it doesn’t fall. 

There are plenty of ways to store your Gorilla cart!

Some people keep them upside down or hang them, while others leave them in their sheds. You’ll want to know what to do with your cart when you aren’t using it. 

Hanging Dump Cart

Can I Hang My Gorilla Dump Cart?

When it comes to hanging your Gorilla dump cart, there are two popular methods for you to try. You’ll need to be somewhat familiar with using tools to get the best results. 

Use a 2 x 4 and Hooks

Hanging your Gorilla dump cart in your storage shed or garage is one way to save precious floor space. You’ll want to hang it correctly, so you don’t damage it. That means not hanging it up by its handle.  

Instead, start by mounting a 2 x 4 plank in your shed, crossing the rafters. Before installing the plank, you can mount hooks to it.

Then connect two straps and hooks to the Gorilla dump cart. They should be able to hold well over the weight of the cart. 

Make sure the straps don’t connect to the central axel. Instead, put them under it. If the axels bear the weight of the Gorilla cart, they could wear out over time. 

Finally, you can hang the Gorilla dump cart up on the hooks. It keeps it off the ground and out of the way.

However, this method works best with the smaller Gorilla dump carts since you still have to lift them into place. 

Luckily, there are still plenty of other storage methods available to you! You’ll want to try a different one if you can’t lift the cart to hook it to the 2 x 4.  

Use a 2 x 4 and Pegs

You can also use a shorter 2 x 4 with pegs to hang the cart on the wall of your shed or garage. Take two pegs and attach them to the wall. Then, take a gate latch and install it on the 2 x 4 plank. 

Back the dump cart up to the wall, then lean it up. You’ll need to lift it slightly onto the bottom pegs.

Then, slide down the latch gate to secure the Gorilla cart in place. You’ll want to fold up the cart’s handle to keep it out of the way. 

This method is excellent when you have plenty of wall space.

However, it still works best for the small to medium Gorilla dump carts. Those with larger carts will want to try a method that won’t strain them. 

Hang the Cart From the Ceiling

Lastly, you can hang your Gorilla cart from the ceiling. You’ll need a pulley system, rope, and straps, which you can find online or at a hardware store. Many people use the kayak hoist pulley system for their Gorilla carts. 

Start by installing the hooks to the ceiling. Then, connect the straps to the cart. You’ll need to use the rope to lift the Gorilla cart, but once in place, it should stay on the ceiling. Make sure you get a pulley system that can support the weight of your cart! 

This option is great if you’re trying to clear up a lot of space for your Gorilla cart. Since it’s not on the wall, it won’t lean out and take up any floor space at all. You can use the rest of your floor to store other items. 

Finally, always make sure that you install the pulley system correctly! The dump cart could cause a lot of damage if it fell. 

Filled Gorilla Dump Cart

Why Hang a Gorilla Dump Cart?

These carts are strong, durable, and versatile. However, the only real downside is that they’re very large and hard to store. If you have one, it can feel like it’s taking up all the floor space in your shed. 

Hanging your dump cart on the wall or the ceiling helps reduce the amount of space it takes up. You can use the open floor space to store many other items that you can’t hang. Overall, it’s very beneficial. 

What are Other Storage Ideas?

You can use plenty of other storage methods with your bulky Gorilla dump cart! You’ll want to try out some of these methods. 

Store It Outside With a Cover

It’s generally not good to store your equipment outside since it can get damaged. However, if you cover the cart with a waterproof tarp, it should be fine outside for more extended periods.  

Make sure the tarp fully covers the cart so that water can’t get in. Secure the tarp with straps or heavy items. You’ll also want to store it somewhere on your property where it won’t get in the way. 

You can store it beside or behind your shed to keep it out of sight. Overall, it is possible to safely store your cart outdoors if you have a waterproof cover for it. 

Put It Under a Shelf

You can slide the Gorilla cart underneath it if you have a large shelf. If you don’t have a shelf like this, you can always build one because it gives you more storage options for your other tools. 

Ensure that the first layer of your shelf has enough room for you to slide the cart under. You can back it up into the space, allowing you to grab the handle and pull it out easily when you need to use the cart next. 

Plus, you can also store your gardening and yard tools on the other layers of the shelf! If you have some additional wall space in your shed and want to use it, then this would be an option you can try. 

Will My Gorilla Dump Cart Rust?

Many of the Gorilla Dump Carts come with a protective layer to stop them from rusting but over time this layer may fade.

Make sure your equipment is stored correctly out of the way of harsh weather conditions. Storing your Gorilla Dump Cart inside a storage shed can be beneficial to make your Cart last longer. See benefits above.

Also, take in mind the better looked after your storage shed is the more guaranteed your cart will be too. Do metal sheds rust?