Which Gorilla Dump Cart Is Best for Me? Comparison Guide 

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There are many Gorilla dump carts to choose from, so you want to make sure you get the best ones for you. The 4 Cu Ft Poly Garden Dump Cart is best for most at-home gardeners. It’s a medium-duty dump cart that can hold 600 pounds of supplies. However, there are larger and smaller options to consider. 

You’ll want to think about why you need the cart and what you’ll be moving with it. Knowing beforehand can help you choose the cart that will suit you the best.

If you want to get your money’s worth, choosing a Gorilla cart tailored to your needs is the best method. 

Dump Cart

Which Gorilla Dump Cart is Best For Me?

Before buying a dump cart, you’ll want to consider several different factors.

Gorilla offers an extensive line of carts, so you have a lot to choose from- meaning you can get the perfect cart to suit your needs! 

Here’s what you need to consider to help you choose a cart: 

What You’ll Use the Cart For

The Gorilla company breaks down its carts into light, medium, and heavy-duty. These categories should match with what you want to use the cart for.

For example, a light-duty cart is smaller, made of lighter materials, but can’t hold as much weight as the other options.  

Most light-duty carts are best for at-home gardeners who don’t need to haul many supplies, usually less than 200 pounds.

However, they benefit from weighing less than the other carts, making them easier to pull.  

Most dump carts from this company are medium to heavy-duty. Heavy-duty carts are more durable and can hold over 800 pounds of supplies!

Medium duty carts fall between heavy and light duty dump carts in how much they can carry. 

Overall, you’ll need to choose a cart that can carry what you need easily. 

The Dump Cart’s Design

You want a cart with a design that allows you to maneuver it through your yard easily. Larger wheels are better for rougher terrain, while smaller wheels are OK for most flat yards. 

Gorilla tires usually come in 10 or 13 inches. Both resist flats and last a very long time. The smaller option is more likely to be on the smaller cart models.

The 13-inch tires are usually on heavy-duty carts, but the most robust options are 16-inch tires. 

Some Gorilla carts also can connect to tractors and trucks, making them towable. Some medium and heavy-duty carts have this feature- but not all of them! 

Available Storage Space

Lastly, consider how much storage space you have available. The larger carts are incredibly bulky, making them harder to store.

You also won’t want to leave the carts outside because the weather can damage them over time. 

If you don’t have much storage space, then getting a smaller dump cart, for now, could help you. You don’t want to order one that you can’t store. 

Elevated Dumping Cary

Gorilla Dump Cart Comparison: What Should I Choose? 

Now that you’ve considered the three above factors, you’re ready to compare carts! Let’s start with the Gorilla dump cart that’s best for most people, then move on to other options that would suit you. 

Best For Most People: Gorilla 4 Cu Ft Poly Garden Dump Cart 

  • Medium duty 
  • Maximum load: 600 pounds 
  • Load capacity: 4 cubic feet 
  • Dimensions: 40″ x 24″ x 20.4″ 
  • Weight: 32.7 pounds 
  • Cannot tow on tractor or truck 

The Gorilla 4 Cu Ft Poly Garden Dump Cart is best for many serious gardeners and home landscapes.

The 600-pound loading capacity is more than enough for most DIY tasks. Plus, the dump feature is fast and easy to use. 

You receive durable 10-inch tires that make maneuvering simple. The broad base also keeps the cart stable as you move it over bumpy patches of grass.

The included handle is even the perfect size for a strong grip and pulling smoothly. 

This model is also straightforward to assemble on your own. In fewer than 15 minutes, you can have it set up and get to work on your outdoor projects!  

Overall, this Gorilla cart tends to suit most people. It’s medium-duty, a good size, and offers a reliable design.

However, it can be difficult to store if you don’t have a garage or shed. It’s also not towable, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most people. 

Best For Towing: 800 lb. Heavy Duty Poly Dump Cart 

  • Heavy duty 
  • Maximum load: 800 pounds 
  • Load capacity: 5 cubic feet 
  • Dimensions: 37.5″ x 23.8″ x 20.3″ 
  • Weight: 37.5 pounds 
  • Can tow on tractor or truck 

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart is great If you have a lot of outdoor property to maintain and want to connect the dump cart to your tractor or truck, this option would be the best for you.

While it’s slightly smaller than the above chart, it’s much denser and could hold more weight. 

You get the 10-inch tires, which can easily travel across bumpy terrain. They resist flats and shouldn’t puncture easily.

Plus, the cart offers five cubic feet of space, allowing you to fill it with landscaping supplies and tools easily. 

Many farmers also use this cart because it’s very easy to connect to your vehicle and won’t tip over during transport.  

Highest Load Capacity: 1,200 lb. Heavy Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart 

  • Heavy duty 
  • Maximum load: 1,200 pounds 
  • Load capacity: 10 cubic feet 
  • Dimensions: 54.2″ x 34.6″ x 30.5″ 
  • Weight: 84.8 pounds 
  • Can tow on tractor or truck 

Heavy Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart is best to carry hefty loads across the property. It comes with the largest wheel size that Gorilla offers at 16 inches! The wheels won’t rip up your yard either. 

The dump cart is best for professionals since most people won’t need to tow 1,200 pounds of material across their yards.

However, it is towable, making it suitable for farmers and professional landscapers to use. 

It is very large, offering ten cubic feet of carrying space! Although, that does mean you’ll have a more challenging time storing it. 

Can Gorilla Dump Carts Be Stored In Sheds?

Yes, Gorilla Dump Carts can easily be stored in sheds. The only worry is the size of your shed.

You first need to find out if your shed can properly protect your dump cart. You don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new cart and won’t be able to care for it.

Start by finding out which shed is best for you before making your purchase.