Can You Play Spikeball With Two Players?

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Spikeball is growing in popularity as a game that is essentially volleyball, wall-ball, tennis, and foursquare combined.

As a backyard, family game, it can be both a lot of fun and an excellent source of exercise. But, what if there are only two of you?

Can you play Spikeball with two players?

Two-player Spikeball is certainly something that you can do, so long as you understand that you and your opponent are going to have to cover a whole lot more ground. The key to Spikeball is always remaining on the exact opposite side as your opponent.

You can or lose an advantage in Spikeball if you can no longer maintain a position that is opposite of your opponent.

If that happens, you or your opponent can easily spike the ball at an angle that you simply can’t cover, not without doing a full-body dive or worse.

How to Play 2-Player Spikeball

For those questioning whether or not you can play 1v1 Spikeball, there are at least 52 variations of the game of Spikeball and at least three, different ways to play Spikeball with just two players.

That’s a lot of variations; to the point where a two-player game seems a bit mundane and ordinary.

Of course, you could just play regular Spikeball with two players or you can play one of three variations of the game. 

Standard Two-Player Spikeball

Playing regular Spikeball is plenty of fun in its own right. The rules aren’t complicated and you will definitely get a serious level of aerobic exercise out of it, especially if you and your opponent are similar skills-wise. 

  • The spikeball set, ball, net, and court dimensions. 
  • Winner of rock, paper, scissors gets to serve
  • Non-serving player remains a minimum of 6’ from the net
  • Each player has three hits per possession
  • When a player reaches 11 points, players switch sides
  • Game ends when one player reaches 21 points
  • You can’t catch, lift, or throw the ball, only hit it
  • Hitting the ground or the rim of the net is a loss

As you can see, the rules are exactly the same when you play two players as it would be playing four players or more. The two-player variation is simply more difficult because of the amount of space around the net.

However, if the standard rules aren’t enough, there are two, additional 2-player games that you can try.

What You Need To Get Started?

It’s so easy to get started and the amazing thing about Spikeball is it can be played anywhere, Backyard, Park, Beach, or Indoors.

All you need to get started is:

  • Spikeball Net
  • Spikeball Balls

Check out our recommended product below which includes 3 balls, a Spikeball net, a travel bag, and Spikeball rules and instructions.

Two-Player Game: Pepper

Pepper is played almost exactly like a standard game of 1v1, with the lone exception being that you are supposed to give the other player a reasonable chance at the ball.

Watched on video, it looks pretty much like a standard 1v1 match but you’re welcome to come to your own conclusions. 

Since you are simplifying the game a little bit, it may be interesting to incorporate the T-rex rule, where each player has to stuff their arms in the shirts far enough so that only a portion of your forearm and hand remains out of your shirt.

It may look ridiculous and you will probably spend more time laughing than playing, but it will also make you realize that the Tyrannosaurus Rex probably had a really difficult time doing much of anything with its arms. 

Two-Player Game: Jail

Player one is the jail—or the player that stands right over the top of the net. Player two stands six feet away and a line is drawn to indicate that distance.

Player two cannot cross the line but is free to move back and forth along the line if they wish. 

Player one serves by bouncing the ball off of the net. Player two returns the serve but only in such a way that player one can slap the ball directly into the net and back to player two.

Player one hovers around the net the entire time but is free to come off of it if necessary to handle the ball. 

Is Spikeball Suitable for Kids?

Spikeball is a great way to improve your children’s hand-to-eye coordination. The game itself may be challenging for young children but isn’t hard to pick up after a little bit of practice.

Many schools in the UK are using Spikeball in PE (Physical Education) to improve movement in striking, passing, and defensive skills.

Teachers have stated they use Spikeball because it is an activity that gets all players involved.

This video shows how Spikeball can be used as a two players activity to improve your child’s hand-to-eye coordination.

Other Two-Player Spikeball Adjustments

Aside from the three types of games that 1v1 players can indulge in, there are also some variatiations within those games that can be used as well.

Like the T-Rex variation mentioned above, these fall into a similar category. 

  • Single Hand Only
  • Halves
  • Short Game

The single-hand game is just that, playing the entire game with one hand. Better yet, stuff the unused hand down in your shirt so that you can’t accidentally use it, even for balance.

The entire game is played this way and the player who uses their other hand is disqualified. 

Halves are interesting as well. In a regular game of Spikeball, each player has 360° access to the court and players can move freely, all around the net, keeping the opposing player directly in front of them.

At least, that’s how the game is supposed to be played.

In Halves, it’s like a game of volleyball or tennis, because the 360° is reduced to 180° and both players have to stay on their half of the court. 

In the Short Game, players draw a circle around the net. Both players have to agree on how large the circle is going to be.

The idea is, whenever a player “spikes” the ball, it can’t bounce so far that it goes out of the circle.

Final Thoughts

So there’s more to a two-player game of Spikeball than just your standard rules. Variations within the game keep things fun, new, and exciting.

Players are free to come up with any variations they like, so long as it is consistent with the game rules.