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Indoor plants repel flies listed

10 Indoor Plants That Repel Flies

You can place these around your home and their scent will keep those buzzing pests at bay. Here are some of the best plants that repel flies. 

Mosquito repellent indoor plants lavender

What Plants Repel Mosquito (Indoor Plant Mosquito repellent)

If you’ve been struggling with a battle against mozzies in the home, there are some plants you can grow indoors that will keep these pesky bugs at bay.

White Perennials blooming summer

8 White Perennials That Bloom All Summer

You have plenty of options if you want to grow white perennials at home. Several species can bloom throughout summer, so you’ll want to choose the flowers you like the most. 

Tips for fixing an uneven lawn

How to Fix an Uneven Lawn? (Complete Guide)

An uneven lawn, especially if it is actively changing, can be a troubling aesthetic. Should you do the work yourself, hire a professional, or just let it go?

Topsoil weight

How Much Does a Yard of Topsoil Weigh?

Overall, a cubic yard of topsoil is extremely heavy. You’d likely need several 40-pound bags of topsoil to fill a hole of that size. You’ll want to know how to calculate exactly how much topsoil you need. 

how often outdoor Croton bloom

How Often Do Croton Bloom?

If you want your Croton plant to flower, you’ll need to take several additional steps to encourage it to bloom. Once you do, the plant can bloom all year long. 

Cut off brown spots on Pothos explained

Should I Cut Off Brown Spots on Pothos?

Brown spots indicate stress in the plant and cause it to wither quickly- taking care of them by removing these leaves right away helps.

Vegetables grow on trees explained

Do Any Vegetables Grow on Trees? (You’ll Be Shocked)

More vegetables come from trees than you might realize. Understanding what vegetables are exactly will help give you a better idea.

Cleaning moss for terrarium

How To Clean Moss For Terrarium

Cleaning and preparing moss before adding it to your terrarium is essential! You don’t know what bacteria, parasites, and debris are in the moss.

Top-dressing for potted plants ideas

What To Put on Top of Potted Plants? (Top-dressing Potted Plants)

Many gardeners use pebbles as their top-dressing. The small rocks stop the water from evaporating from the soil, preventing the plant from drying out. You have a lot to consider, so make sure to review all your options first. 

What Size Drainage Holes in Planters?

What Size Drainage Holes in Planters?

You’ll want to check for holes when buying a new pot! Most of the time, the holes that come with the planter are fine. So what size drainage holes work best?

Guide on How to propagate Alocasia Polly

How To Propagate Alocasia Polly

Propagate Alocasia Polly is more straightforward than doing the same to many other plants! You’ll want to know as much about the process as possible before trying it on your plants. 

Philodendron Birkin light requirements guide

Philodendron Birkin Light Requirements

Your Philodendron Birkin plant requires you to pay a lot of attention to how much light it receives during the day. Keeping it out of the light can also cause the leaves to wither, so you need to be careful! 

Growing sphagnum moss grow underwater

Can Sphagnum Moss Grow Underwater?

Sphagnum moss grows naturally in bog environments, so while it loves water, it won’t grow if submerged for several days. 

Monstera leaves grow back

Do Monstera Leaves Grow Back?

Monstera leaves can grow back after falling or getting cut off. When you trim the plant, it creates a new stem from the nearest node.

Molehill soil

Is Molehill Soil Good for Your Garden? 

Moles bring deep soil to the surface, which has plenty of nutrients for your plants. You can use molehill soil as topsoil and expect good results. 

Composting With Coffee Grounds Benefits

Composting With Coffee Grounds – Plant Benefits

You’ll want to make sure you add your leftover coffee grounds to your compost pile! It works perfectly and comes with many different benefits. It’s easy to add so that you can start today.

Best Flowers For Aerogarden guide

Best Flowers For Aerogarden

The best flowers for aerogarden thrive indoors. They smell great and look fantastic in your home! You’ll want to check out all of these options.