Do Sonic Spikes Really Get Rid of Moles?

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Sonic spike advertising says that you can drive moles away with vibrations from the product. Only the moles can hear the sound, which annoys them and causes them to leave. However, these spikes don’t actually work as advertised. 

These spikes sound too good to be true. Pest-control experts don’t believe that mole spikes effectively chase the creatures off of your property.

Do sonic spikes get rid of moles or not
Do sonic spikes get rid of moles?

They look effective because of the moles’ feeding habits- but not because they frighten them off. You’ll want to learn more before you try them. 

How Are Sonic Spikes Supposed To Work? 

Sonic spikes “work” by generating sonic pulses that enter the soil.

These sounds are very annoying to moles, so they leave the area immediately.

It’s supposed to work because moles are sensitive to sound and vibrations since they can’t see very well. 

Sonic Spikes against moles doesn't work
Sonic Spikes against moles

While that’s how mole spikes are supposed to work, they don’t have that much of an impact on driving away pests.

It may seem like the spikes scare off the moles at first, but that’s not what happens.

You can trust that they’ll return, even if you leave the sonic spikes in the ground. 

Why Don’t Sonic Spikes Work? 

Sonic spikes don’t work.

They’re supposed to emit sounds and vibrations that we can’t hear, but that doesn’t mean they all do.

More expensive options will emit sounds, but moles don’t care about them. 

Many people still see moles for a long time after installing the spikes.

Some people even reported seeing moles and voles walk right up to the spikes or bump into them. These creatures just don’t care that much about sonic spikes. 

Moles might be fearful of vibrations, but the ones that the sonic spikes make aren’t intense enough to bother them that much.

Moles natural repellent
Remove moles without chemicals

Plus, if you leave them on your property for long periods, the moles will eventually get used to the sound. At that point, they won’t acknowledge the spikes at all. 

It’s mostly a coincidence that the timing of moles leaving matches up with sonic sike installation for some people. 

In Short – The sonic spikes you find at home and garden centers or online aren’t worth it. They can be costly and don’t even scare away the moles, their sole purpose!  

Why Does It Seem Like Sonic Spikes Work? 

That said, it might seem like sonic spikes work.

Imagine you installed a few spikes and noticed the moles left your yard the week after.

It’d seem like they worked perfectly well, but that’s not what happened. The moles left for another reason. 

Moles have specific hunting and eating patterns. There are specific worms and grubs that they enjoy, and they’ll travel long distances to have reliable food sources.

When the grubs are gone, the moles will move on right away. 

getting rid of moles
Remove mole food sources 

In general, moles won’t stay on your property longer than a few weeks.

Their eating habits often make it look like the spikes work, but that’s not the case. 

The moles will return when the food supply increases in your yard again. So, while it might seem like the moles are gone, they’re sure to come back soon enough. 

Overall, while it can seem like the mole sonic spikes work, they don’t.

Moles tend to move between a few different areas for their food and won’t stick around for more than a few weeks. 

What If I Already Bought Sonic Spikes? 

If you already bought the sonic spikes but realized they didn’t work, you might be able to get a refund.

Some companies offer warranties or other guarantees that their spikes work.

If you can show them that you still have moles on your property several weeks after installing the spikes, you might be able to send them back and get a refund. 

However, this depends on where you purchase the sonic spikes. Not every company will offer the same warranties.

You’ll want to check with the brand and see what you can do to get your money back, especially if the spikes were expensive. 

You don’t have to keep a product that doesn’t work.

Heads Up! If you can’t get your money back, you’ll want to consider this a learning experience. There are other, more effective methods that you can use to remove moles from your property. 

What Can I Use Instead of Sonic Spikes? 

How To Get Rid of Moles Without Using Chemicals
Getting rid of moles without chemicals

Now that you know sonic spikes don’t work, you’ll want to find other humane methods to remove the moles from your property.  

First, do your best to remove the grubs that attract the moles. If you can get rid of them, the moles will move on immediately.

You can kill the grubs with:

  • beneficial nematodes
  • insecticides
  • and milky spores

If you’re not sure how to manage the grubs, you can always contact a professional for assistance.

Exterminators have all the tools needed to do the job efficiently. 

Here are a few other items that repel moles instead of sonic spikes. 

Homemade Mole Repellents 

Making homemade mole repellent is easier than you might think.

Nutrient-rich mole hill soil

Castor oil doesn’t harm the moles, but it can bother them, causing them to leave.

You can make it using these steps: 

  • Stir together three parts castor oil and one part dish soap 
  • Take four tablespoons of this mixture and pour it into a gallon of water 
  • Pour the water over any mole tunnels and entrances that you can find 

Soaking the molehills with repellents every week or so helps greatly.

You’ll notice that the moles leave after just a few weeks since they associate your property with being a bad place to live. 

DIY Underground Fences 

This second method is more time-consuming, but you get long-lasting results.

Start by digging a trench around the area where you want to keep the moles out. You want the channel to be at least two feet deep. 

Fill the new trench with wire mesh or rocks, then fill it with dirt. Doing so creates a barrier underground that can stop the moles.

This underground fence also stays in place forever, so you won’t have to do it again once you finish. 


Do mole hill spikes work? Short answer, No.

Pest-control experts don’t believe that mole spikes effectively chase the creatures off of your property.

They look effective because of the moles’ feeding habits- but not because they frighten them off.

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