How To Get Rid of Crickets and Prevent Lawn Damage (No Harsh Chemicals) 

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Getting rid of crickets doesn’t mean you need to damage your lawn! Without harsh chemicals, you can remove these pests by using nitrogen-fixing plants, soapy water, homemade sprays, and diatomaceous earth. 

These methods should work on all crickets, including mole crickets. You need to keep consistent with natural ways to get the best results. However, not damaging your property is just as important! 

Cricket in Long Grass

How Do I Get Rid of Crickets Naturally? 

You have many options you can use to get rid of crickets. All of the below options are natural and won’t cause any harm to your yard.

It’s best to keep any pets and young children out of the yard for at least 24 hours after treating your yard. 

Here’s how you can naturally remove crickets from your home: 

Add Nitrogen-Fixing Plants to Your Garden 

You can add nitrogen-fixing plants to your garden if you have a green thumb. These plants drive away crickets and can prevent more from gathering in your yard. Some of these plants include: 

  • Garlic 
  • Clover 
  • Peas 
  • Beans 
  • Lupins 

For preventing crickets, adding a garlic plant to your garden is best. It has a strong smell that keeps away many different types of pests.

Plus, it’s perfect for creating the homemade sprays you’ll find further down on this list. 

Should You Use Soapy Water? 

Yes, you can try using a mixture of soap and water. The ingredients found in many soaps can kill the crickets over time.

However, you’ll need to be very consistent with spraying your yard. 

Start by creating a soap and water mixture, then pour it into a spray bottle. You’ll want to spray the areas you’ve seen the crickets outside. Make sure to reapply the mixture every day or after it rains. 

If you have crickets coming into the home, spray them directly with soapy water. It should kill them after a few minutes. 

How To Make A Homemade Spray? 

Homemade sprays are another way to prevent crickets from coming into your yard. They hate the pungent smells of chili, spices, pepper, and garlic.

These ingredients are easy to find in your kitchen and won’t harm your yard at all. 

People also use peppermint oil, lemon juice, and even cologne mint in their homemade cricket sprays. 

Start by adding some water to a spray bottle, then add your spices. Let the mixture sit for at least eight hours. Doing so gives the scent time to disperse through the bottle.  

When it’s time, remove the spices; you should have just the water in the spray bottle now. You can also add some detergent or soap to the bottle to better deal with the insects. 

Next, spray the mixture outside where you suspect the crickets are. Good places to spray your cricket deterrent include your garden, bushes, high grass, and weeds.

It’s good to spray every few days, so the crickets don’t return when the smell wears out. 

Make sure you don’t spray your garden plants directly. Instead, spray the mixture around the base of the plants. Getting it on the soil should be enough to keep the crickets away from your garden. 

Get Rid Of Crickets

Is Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth The Best Method To Remove Crickets?

Diatomaceous earth is another option that won’t damage your yard. It’s a powder that’s non-toxic but can quickly kill insects.

The powder dehydrates the crickets almost instantly, making it a popular option. 

For it to work, the crickets will need to directly contact the diatomaceous earth. Because of this, you’ll want to use this method in combination with others. 

Sprinkle the powder outdoors around areas where you notice the crickets. It should be a bright sunny day when you do this- water washes it away and makes it ineffective. 

Since this material is non-toxic, it’s also safe to use in your garden. You can sprinkle it on and around your plants to remove pests.

Ensure to add it after watering your garden, so you don’t accidentally wash it away. 

Should I Cut My Lawn?

Crickets feel safer in high grass. You’ll notice more of them appearing when you haven’t mowed the lawn in a long time. Make sure to give the grass a trim when you can! 

If you have areas of high grass on your property, you’ll want to treat them with homemade sprays and diatomaceous earth if you’re unable to cut them.

That way, these patches of grass won’t keep attracting more crickets. 

When your lawns are short why not remove your weeds too? Less weeds less places for crickets to hide. Check out our organically friendly Herbicides (Pros and Cons)

Try a Molasses Trap 

If you’re noticing crickets closer to your home, you can try a molasses trap. It works as a great bait for the crickets.

Simply add a few tablespoons to a bowl of water. Next, set it near where you’ve seen the crickets. 

The crickets come to drink the molasses but fall into the bowl and can’t get out.

They end up drowning in the water. It’s important that you only fill the bowl up halfway, so they can’t jump back out. 

To purchase Organic Molasse, check out our recommended product here.

What are Mole Crickets and Why Should I Remove Them? 

Mole crickets are giant insects that burrow into your yard. The adults are about one ¼ inches long, making them easy to recognize.

These bugs won’t hurt you, but they will destroy your yard and garden. 

Some species of mole crickets tunnel through the ground, uprooting grass and eating the roots of your plants. If you have any small plants, they’ll also eat the leaves and stems. 

Some types of mole crickets are invasive, making removing them essential.

You’ll need to treat your yard when you notice the adults moving around during the spring. Then, follow up with another treatment every few weeks. 

Mole crickets hate soapy water, and it’s effective in killing them. Start by pouring water over your yard; you need to drench the soil.

The crickets will pop out of the ground, giving you the chance to spray them directly with soapy water. 

However, if you have a severe infestation of mole crickets in your yard, you should speak with a professional. They can provide more potent treatments that won’t damage your yard.