Garden Tool Brands and Manufacturers Recommended by Professionals

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Gardening tools will see a lot of dirt, wear, and tear, making it important to select durable brands. Some of the top Garden Tool brands recommended by professionals include Felco, Fiskars, ARS, Spears; Jackson, Bulldog Tools, and Roughneck Tools. 

Every one of these brands is known for its durability and efficiency of tools. This makes them top brands if you want gardening tools that will last a long time and make your garden look like it was looked after by professionals. 

For a complete review of these brands and manufacturers recommended by professionals, keep reading. In the end, you will also learn about the factors you should consider when purchasing gardening tools. 

What Are the Best Gardening Tool Brands and Manufacturers Recommended by Professionals? 

Today, there are quite a few gardening tool brands and manufacturers that are respected, but not all are recommended by professionals.

The brands that are most recommended include Felco, Fiskars, ARS, Spears ; Jackson, Bulldog Tools, and Roughneck Tools. 

All of these brands are highly trusted and have been trusted for many years. Here is a closer look at each one of these brands, as well as some of the tools they are most known for. 


Felco has long been one of the most trusted gardening brands. The brand specializes in commercial pruning and cutting devices. Their devices are known for being durable, long-lasting, and highly effective. For this reason, gardeners love Felco tools. 

Some of the most popular Felco products are pruning shears and loppers, but Felco also sells cable cutters, saws, and other power tools. 


Fiskars is another highly respected gardening brand.

Fiskars is responsible for making a variety of tools for gardening, cooking, crafts, and even school. Within their gardening category, they have countless tools that professional gardeners swear by. 

For example, Fiskars sells axes, machetes, planting tools, grass shears, bush shears, loppers, pruning shears, rakes, mowers, saws, shovels, and many more. Any one of these tools makes a great addition to your garden. 


ARS is a Japanese company that makes fantastic tools for gardening. Their tools are specifically designed to offer the cleanest cuts with the least amount of effort for gardeners, arborists, and other similar professionals. 

ARS stands out because they have a number of products, including saws, scissors, and pruners. Within each of these categories, there are numerous products to choose from.

The ARS pruners and scissors are especially loved for their convenience and accuracy. 

Spears ; Jackson 

Spears; Jackson has been a trusted garden company for decades. In fact, this company has been in operation since 1760, making it one of the oldest gardening tool companies in the world. Needless to say, it is one of the top brands selected by professionals. 

Spears ; Jackson offers gardening tools related to cutting, pruning, watering, and irrigation. All of their products are known for being highly durable and are often made from traditional stainless steel or never bend stainless steel.

The shears are especially loved because they offer razor-sharp edges. 

Bulldog Tools 

Bulldog Tools offers a number of tools for outdoor work and gardens. These tools have been manufactured for British gardening ever since 1780. Today, all Bulldog Tools products are designed to surpass all British standards. 

My favorite Bulldog product is the Springbok Rake. This rake is consistently considered one of the best rakes on the market.

Another noteworthy Bulldog tool is the Digging Fork with D Handle. Any one of their other products would make a great purchase as well. 

Roughneck Tools 

The last brand on our list is Roughneck Tools. Roughneck Tools specializes in a variety of heavy-duty tools, including striking and demolition tools, landscaping tools, building tools, and woodworking tools.

If you need an extra heavy-duty gardening tool, Roughneck is the brand for you. 

For gardening specifically, Roughneck Tools offers fantastic fencing tools, shovels, and rakes. Every single one of their tools is heavy duty and designed to withstand a lot of wear in tear, as well as years of use. 

What Should I Consider When Buying Gardening Tools? 

Buying gardening tools can be difficult. With there being so many brands and individual products on the market, you might not know what to look for when making your final selection.

Below, you will find the three most important factors to consider whenever you are purchasing your gardening tools. 

Garden Tool Durability 

The most important factor to consider when purchasing gardening tools is the durability of the tools. As you likely know, gardening tools will be used for pretty heavy-duty work and can get beat up relatively quickly.

If you select cheap gardening tools, they will break quickly. 

To ensure that your gardening tools are durable, make sure to read reviews. Additionally, look for tools that are made with heavy-duty materials that should be able to stand up against rocks and other materials your tools will come in contact with. 

Garden Tool Pricing

Of course, you also need to consider the price when purchasing your gardening tools. Most of the products above are a bit more expensive simply because they are professional-grade.

These professional-grade tools will be more expensive, but they will last a long time, making the price worth it for some. 

If you are on a budget, you might want to look for more affordable brands. However, you shouldn’t simply select the cheapest gardening tool available.

If you do this, you will likely end up purchasing another replacement in no time, causing you to spend more money outright. So, spend within your budget without being cheap. 

Garden Tool Comfort

Something that a lot of new gardeners fail to think about is the comfort of their tools. Whenever you are gardening, your hands are likely going to get sore, especially if you select uncomfortable tools.

This can make it difficult to enjoy your pastime or do it correctly. 

For this reason, you always want to check out gardening tool brands that are known for their comfort and light weight. Only by selecting comfortable brands will you have the most enjoyable gardening experience. 

Final Thoughts…

The brands that are most recommended include Felco, Fiskars, ARS, Spears ; Jackson, Bulldog Tools, and Roughneck Tools. 

These Brands supply a vide variety of tools for large or small gardens. Some example have been linked above. check the more of more information.