How Tall Should a Bird Feeder Pole Be? 

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You can find bird feeder poles between two and nine feet tall. The size you choose will be specific to your yard and what types of birds you want to attract. Most people recommend using a bird feeder between five and six feet tall. 

Because different birds eat at different heights, about five feet tall poles will give you access to the most species.

However, you need to make sure you keep the bird feeder away from trees and other tall objects. 

Tall Bird Feeder Poles

How High Should a Bird Feeder Be?

Several factors can impact how high you want the bird feeder to be off the ground. While there isn’t a limit to how high you can place the bird feeder (birds will find it no matter what), you’ll get better results if you plan well. 

You’ll need to consider where you’re going to place the bird feeder. Plus, it would help to think about what predators to birds are in your area.  

Keeping the bird feeder at least five feet off the ground can make it harder for cats to reach the birds. The birds will also feel more comfortable eating and linger longer at your bird feeder. 

Most cats can jump about five feet. If the bird feeder is at that height or taller, they may not try without something to jump off of for a boost. 

So, you should find a bird feeder pole that keeps the feeder at least five feet off of the ground. However, you can use taller options, as long as they aren’t inconvenient for you to reach. 

How High is Too High For a Bird Feeder Pole?

You don’t need to limit the height of your bird feeder pole!

As long as it’s in a safe place for the birds, you can make it as high as you want it to go. Birds will have no issues finding them and eating, even extremely high off the ground. 

The bird feeder is only too high when you can’t take care of it anymore. Some people use ladders or pulley systems to get the bird feeders down for cleaning and refilling. You could also use a pole with a hook to move the feeder down. 

Some people don’t mind taking care of high bird feeders. But, if it sounds like a hassle to you, you’ll want to keep it lower to the ground.

Most people can reach bird feeders five to six feet off the ground without needing to stand on anything. 

If you want a high bird feeder that you can easily reach, you might want to consider a window bird feeder instead. You can easily reach through the window to add more food to it. 

Where Should I Put My Bird Feeder?

Knowing where to put your bird feeder is also essential. Your yard can impact how tall you need the bird feeder to be in the air.

For instance, if you have a small, closed-off yard with plenty of places for a cat to jump from, you need a higher bird feeder. 

On the other hand, a large, open yard with no objects around can make use of a five-foot-tall bird feeder without any worry!

In short, higher bird feeders offer more protection to the animals that visit them. 

You don’t want the bird feeder to be close to shrubs, trees, fences, sheds, or other structures.

Keeping the feeder as far away from them as possible ensures predators can’t jump off and catch the birds. Plus, it makes it harder for squirrels to steal the birdseed. 

Bird Feeder

What Size Bird Feeder Pole Should I Order?

You’ll want to order a bird feeder pole that’s larger than what you need.

For example, if you want a six-foot-tall bird feeder, make sure it’s that height above ground. You may want to choose a seven-foot-tall option.  

Bird feeder poles need to go into the ground about a foot deep- a little more if they’re very tall. That way, the bird feeder pole is stabilized and won’t fall over when birds land on it. 

The deeper you put the pole in the ground, the more secure it will be. However, you also lose some height, putting the birds closer to the ground! Make sure to measure the pole after setting it up so you know it’s not too low now. 

Will a Tall Bird Feeder Stop Squirrels?

It depends on how tall the bird feeder is. Squirrels love to jump and climb, making most bird feeders no problem for them. How to squirrel proof your bird feeder pole?

As a general rule, squirrels can’t jump more than five feet off the ground or seven feet from a ledge. You can raise the bird feeder a few feet to help deter the squirrels.

While they can climb the pole, there are products and tools you can apply to it to keep them from reaching the seeds. 

Overall, a tall bird feeder can help prevent squirrels from getting the food but usually isn’t enough to stop them on its own. Squirrel shields and vaseline work well with high bird feeders to deter them. 

Can I Make a Bird Feeder Pole?

Making a bird feeder pole is a great way to ensure you get the exact height that you want. You can fully customize it, too, making the pole as elaborate or simple as you want. 

You just need a large, long pole, a drill, a hook, screws, and your bird feeder. Drill a hole into the pole, then insert the hook.

You can secure the rod in your yard by digging a space for it, or you can use the screws to secure it to your deck. 

Lastly, hang the bird feeder on the hook! It’s a straightforward DIY project, and you can quickly finish in under 30 minutes. Plus, you can change the design as much as you want. 

Overall, making a DIY bird feeder pole ensures you get the correct size. You can also easily match it to your yard and home.