How To Hang a Bird Feeder Without a Tree? 

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You can still easily hang a bird feeder without a tree. Bird feeder poles, window bird feeders, hanging brackets, and deck hanging feeders are all possible options. You could even build your own pole in the middle of your yard. 

Bird feeders are a lot of fun to have. You get to observe the birds and watch them up close.

However, not every person will have a tree to hang the feeder up in. It’s good to know that you still have plenty of options, even if you don’t have a tree. 

Bird Feeder without a Tree

How Can I Hang a Bird Feeder Without a Tree?

Hanging bird feeders in trees is one of the most popular ways to attract birds to a yard.

However, you don’t need a tree to get the same results. As long as the feeder is at least five feet off the ground, birds will feel safe eating there. 

Here are some methods to get your bird feeder set up without using a tree branch: 

Use Bird Feeder Poles

Bird feeder poles are the best method when you don’t have a tree. You’ll need to take time researching the poles to get one that’s the right size. Then, when installing it, you need to put it in the right spot. 

Birds won’t use a bird feeder that isn’t safe for them. You want the feeder in the middle of an open space, where no predators can jump from other surfaces to reach the birds. 

When using feeder poles, you have to ensure that they’re high enough off the ground. If they’re too low, cats can easily reach the birds. 

Overall, bird feeder poles are very easy to use. You put them in the ground, then hang your bird feeders off of them.

You can find many different options for a bird feeder pole on the internet but we’ve recommended one for you above.

As long as it’s high, enough birds will flock to it. 

Use a Window Bird Feeder 

Next, bird feeders that use suction cups to stick to windows are another excellent option.

They make it very simple to view the birds up close. Plus, you can put them on the second-story window but still have access to them for changing the seeds. 

You also won’t have to worry about birds flying through the window. The feeder makes it much easier for them to spot it at a distance so that they can stop in time.

This method will suit you well if you enjoy watching birds and want to see them up close. 

Install Hanging Brackets

Hanging brackets are another popular option. You can install them outside of your home, but they can also connect to fences or the outside of sheds.  

Install the hanging bracket where you want it first. It should have a hook on the end, allowing you to suspend a bird feeder from there easily.

You should still make sure that the feeder ends up being at least five feet above ground level.  

Use Deck Feeders 

Deck bird feeders allow you to hang the bird feeder off the side of your deck.

The deck hangers connect to the railings easily. They have hooks on them, allowing you to place a bird feeder on them. 

The deck hanger should hold the bird feeder easily. You can also move it without problem any time that you need to.

Deck hangers come with removable clamps, so you don’t have to worry about them being permanent. 

Build Your Own Bird Feeder Pole

Lastly, you can construct your bird feeder pole from scratch! If you enjoy DIY projects, this would be the best option.

You can customize the pole, making it as tall as you need. Plus, you can make it able to hold multiple bird feeders. Simply drill more holes into a piece of pipe to make space for the hangers.  

You can also turn a patio umbrella into a bird feeder pole. Here are the steps: 

  1. Remove the fabric from the umbrella 
  1. Cut the arms to the length you want using a hacksaw 
  1. Drill holes in the arms to hold the hooks for the feeders 
  1. Secure the pole and add the bird feeders 

This method is excellent for when you want the bird feeders but can’t reach them independently. Fill them, then hang them on the lowered umbrella arms. From there, you raise the arms like you would open an umbrella! 

Bird Feeder

What Should I Use To Hang a Bird Feeder?

You’ll want an S-shaped hook, plus twine, rope, cord, chain, or wire. Then, connect the hook to the feeder and hang it from the holder. Some bird feeders already come with a hook, so you won’t need to get your own. 

Overall, you can use anything to hang the feeder, as long as it’s secure. Birds aren’t picky and will still come to eat. 

Why Shouldn’t I Hang a Bird Feeder on a Tree?

Some benefits come with not hanging a bird feeder on a tree.

First of all, you won’t have to worry as much about squirrels stealing the food. They’re less likely to reach the bird feeder using the above methods. Check out how to make your bird feeder pole squirrel proof.

You also will have an easier time seeing the birds enjoy the seeds without branches in the way. Plus, the birds will feel safer since there’s nowhere for predators to jump from

Overall, not using a tree to hang a bird feeder is always a great option. A bird feeder pole can easily replace the tree as a good hanging point. 

Where is the Best Place For My Bird Feeder?

The place for your bird feeder is somewhere birds will be safe eating. You don’t want to put it somewhere noisy or where you see outdoor cats or other preditors.  

You also want to avoid placing them next to areas where squirrels can jump from. The squirrels scare away many of the smaller bird species.  

It should also be at least 30 feet away from windows to stop the birds from flying into them. However, it can also be within three feet of a window safely.