How To Protect Outdoor Furniture From Rain 

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If you have new outdoor furniture, you’ll want to keep it looking nice for as long as possible. While outdoor furniture can resist water damage, it can still rust, rot, and warp over time. Plus, you won’t want to have moldy furniture.  

To protect outdoor furniture from rain, you can use furniture covers, waterproofing spray, tarps, and more. Some people also store their furniture inside when they know rain is on the way.

Outdoor furniture is more resistant to weather than standard furniture. Still, you can make it last longer by taking precautions with it. 

Outdoor Furniture in rain

How Do I Protect Outdoor Furniture From Rain? 

There are many methods to keep your outdoor furniture safe from the rain. Many people invest in covers, which are simple to use. However, you might find another option that suits you better. 

Outdoor furniture comes with some weatherproofing, but adding more ensures it won’t rust or rot over time. Below are all the methods you can try! 

Add a Furniture Cover 

The easiest method is to use a furniture cover. An outdoor furniture cover goes over the top, protecting the items from damage.

You can place it over the furniture when you know it’s going to rain. 

Many people enjoy using these covers because they come in various styles, colors, and sizes. You should be able to find something that fits your patio well.

Check out YoungBee brand for amazing furniture covers in all shapes and sizes.

You even have the option of velcro straps, zippers, or ties to keep the cover watertight. 

These covers keep water off your furniture, preventing rot. If you’re not using the furniture for long periods, they also protect it from sun damage and dust.

Overall, outdoor furniture covers are beneficial to have! 

Use a Waterproofing Spray 

Waterproofing spray is a great way to protect your outdoor furniture. The spray gives the furniture another coating of waterproofing, repelling water, so it doesn’t work into the furniture.  

Many people prefer the spray because it takes less time and is easier to use than waterproofing you apply with a brush.

To use the spray, coat the furniture and let it dry thoroughly. Then, add another coating. 

It’s best to give the furniture two or three coatings for enhanced waterproofing.

You’ll need to make sure you’re doing this when it’s going to be sunny outside- you don’t want the waterproof layer to get rained on for at least 48 hours for the best results.  

Use a Waterproof Tarp 

Covering the furniture with a waterproof tarp is another cost-efficient option. Tarps are easy to pull out of storage and set up; simply drape them over your outdoor furniture.

You’ll want to ensure they’re secured so they don’t blow away during the storm. 

Many people use bungee cords, rope, or even large rocks to keep the tarp in place. Tarps are also suitable for use during the winter and keep dust off the furniture while in storage. 

Lastly, tarps don’t take long to remove, making them convenient for most people. You can easily take it down when you’re ready to use the furniture again. 

Put the Furniture in Storage 

If you know a stormy season is coming, you can put the furniture in storage until it ends. Many people move their outdoor furniture to their garages and sheds.

You may have other places available to leave the furniture too. 

While you may want to leave them out all the time, doing so can cause a lot of weather damage to your furniture. It’s best to store your outdoor furniture during the winter and bring them out again in the spring. 

Overall, if your area expects many days in a row of rain, you can store your furniture inside. Doing so ensures that your patio items are safe from water damage.

This method is also excellent for when you aren’t sure your outdoor furniture’s weatherproofing is updated.

Add a Patio Cover 

You can also put a patio cover over your furniture. It comes with plenty of benefits, giving you a place to rest in the shade. Plus, your items won’t be directly in the rain. 

Patio covers keep the furniture dry, protect it from debris, and keep the sun off of it.

However, patio covers can be an expensive way to protect your outdoor furniture. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can build your own patio cover for less money. 

In short, adding a patio cover protects your outdoor furniture and can help keep you and your loved ones feeling comfortable.

There’s also a ton of styles to choose from but is Aluminum Patio covers best?

Protect Outdoor Furniture

Can I Leave Outdoor Furniture in the Rain? 

While you can leave your outdoor furniture in the rain, it’s not a good idea. The furniture comes with some waterproofing, but that can wear out over time.

Eventually, your cushions and wood could rot, while metal can rust. 

Since you want your outdoor furniture to last, you need to take steps to protect it! Next time you know there will be a heavy rainstorm, make sure to cover the furniture. 

How Do I Protect Outdoor Cushions From Rain? 

You can protect your outdoor furniture cushions by using a waterproof silicone spray. The spray should resist water and protect your pillows from growing mold on them.

However, you must choose a product made for the material. 

Make sure you follow the instructions that come with the spray can! Some formulas work better using specific methods.

However, you will want to check that the cushion is clean before applying the waterproofing.

How Long Does Outdoor Furniture Take To Dry? 

Outdoor furniture can take about two to three hours to dry in the bright sun.

You’ll want to take the cushions off while they dry to give them plenty of air and warmth, so they’re less likely to grow mold.  

The heavier the rain, the longer it can take your furniture to dry. If you want to use it, but rain is coming soon, it’s best to cover the furniture. That way, you won’t have to wait for it to dry later.