Can You Waterproof a Garden Shed Roof With Spray?

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Waterproofing your shed is essential to making it last. You can find roof coating sprays that work exceptionally well! What you use will depend on the type of roof that you have. Flex Seal is a popular choice for a waterproofing spray.

Overall, you have plenty of options for spraying your garden roof to add waterproofing. You don’t want to skip waterproofing because it can lead to a lot of damage. Luckily, sprays are readily available and easy to use!

How Do I Waterproof a Garden Shed Roof With Spray?

For those who live in a dry location, you still need to waterproof your shed. Waterproofing sprays help the water slide off the roof.

Puddles can weigh more than 50 pounds if allowed to build up there!

Plus, water leaks can be highly damaging inside the shed.

Using your waterproofing spray is easy. You’ll need to have a step ladder to reach the top of your shed.

It’s also a good idea to have someone come outside with you while you spray since you’ll be higher up.

Here’s what you need to do to add waterproofing:

Choose the Proper Spray

First, you must use the proper waterproofing spray. Flex Seal has different spray formulas, so you should be able to find one that works on your roof.

However, your local DIY stores will have plenty of other options!

You can also review sprays online before buying to ensure you’re getting a brand that will last.

The product should have information printed on it that says what materials you can safely use. Make sure that it matches your shed’s roof! It’s also good to check how long the product takes to dry.

It’s also good to buy more than one can at a time. You’ll be applying multiple layers of the spray to the shed- you wouldn’t want to run out halfway through.

Finally, you’ll want to pick up a mask to wear while applying the spray. These chemicals aren’t healthy to breathe in, so make sure to protect yourself. 

Clean Up Debris

Next, you’ll need to remove debris from the shed. While you’re on the step ladder, you can also clean out the shed’s gutters to help improve drainage.

Garden shed roofs can quickly build up leaves and twigs. However, debris can lead to water getting trapped on the top.

You’ll need to remove everything before you can start spraying the roof with waterproofing as well.

This process shouldn’t take you very long unless your shed is very large. If your shed is under trees, it can take a lot longer to get it cleaned off too. 

Lastly, you may want to replace any broken or missing shingles that you find while cleaning the roof. Damaged shingles can let in a ton of water.

Add the Waterproof Spray

You’re now ready for the waterproof spray! Use the spray can and coat the entire roof. Many garden sheds are small, so it shouldn’t take as long as you may expect.

Waterproof spray usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour for that first coating to dry completely. You can touch it to make sure it’s no longer tacky.

At that point, it’s ready for another application of the waterproof spray. Making the layers too thick can also increase the drying time.

You’ll want to keep adding layers of the spray. For a garden shed, two to three layers should be enough. Your shed roof may need another layer or two if you live in a very wet climate.

After the final coat dries, the spray should protect your garden shed from the water! You’ll want to add other waterproofing elements to the structure for the best protection.

How Do I Waterproof a Metal Shed Roof?

You should waterproof your metal shed roof right after installing it. Factory waterproofing isn’t always the best, so you want to help it out when you can. 

Many people prefer to use silicone caulking on the seams of their metal roof to keep out water. Metal roofs are harder to repair, so you should make sure to add more protection to one.

You can also use spray-on roof coatings on your metal shed! A metal roof sealant works precisely like applying a spray to shingles.

Start by choosing the proper spray, clearing the roof of debris, then using the waterproof spray in even coats.

Our recommended product is Flex Seal it’s the easy way to coat, seal, protect, and stop leaks fast! Once dry, can be painted any color.

Can I Use Waterproof Spray Paint?

You can use waterproof spray paint on metal and wood roofs.

However, you’ll still need to add a waterproof spray coating to the roof after the paint fully dries. That way, your roof gets the most protection possible.

Spray paint tends to benefit wooden sheds the most. If you have a wooden roof, you can consider this method an option.

Many people also enjoy using waterproof spray paint for all of the color choices.

Finally, make sure that you’re using outdoor spray paint. Indoor spray paints lack the waterproofing that outdoor options have. While they’ll give you some protection from moisture, it won’t be nearly enough to keep out water!

Can I Use Waterproof Spray To Fix a Leak?

When it comes to leaks, often waterproofing spray won’t be enough. You can patch small cracks and gaps with silicone or a foam spray. Foam sprays expand, giving you more coverage when you repair a leak.

You can always fix minor leaks on your own without replacing the entire roof.

However, large leaks require a lot more repairs. It might be good to have a pro take a look when water keeps pouring in.

No matter what, you need to act fast when you find a leak in your garden shed. Water can cause significant amounts of damage in a short amount of time. If you keep tools in the shed, moisture can ruin them too.