Do Metal Sheds Get Hot?

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When homeowners are choosing to invest in a shed, they generally weigh out the pros and cons of different types of sheds. One con of many sheds is that they can get very hot inside during the summer. If you want to avoid this, then you should look into getting a metal shed because they don’t get hot. 

Working in the summertime is tiring enough, you likely don’t want to make it any hotter for yourself. This is why many homeowners choose to get a metal shed built. If you’ve ever wondered how hot it gets inside a metal shed, you’ve come to the right page.  

Today, we’re going to discuss if metal sheds get hot. We’ll answer all the questions you have about the temperature range inside a metal shed, especially while using it in the summer. Keep reading to find out more. 

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Will It Get Hot Inside A Metal Shed? 

You likely want a shed that’s built to withstand anything mother nature throws its way, which is why a metal shed could be right for you.

Metal sheds are built to resist extreme weather conditions, like high winds, heavy rain, ice, and snow. However, when it comes to extreme weather conditions, one thing that isn’t mentioned enough is heat. 

If you’re planning on working inside your shed during summer, you likely want to know how hot it’s going to get. One of the benefits of choosing a metal shed is that you can place it anywhere on your property and not have to worry about sun exposure. This is because metal sheds don’t get too hot. 

Keep in mind, a metal shed isn’t completely heatproof. If the sun is beating down and it’s a hot day, you will feel a bit warm in there. However, a metal shed doesn’t get to the point where it’s hotter in the shed than outside like wooden sheds do.  

Why Is The Heat More Tolerable In A Metal Shed? 

Metal sheds are great for protection, but you may have noticed that the material is quite thin compared to other types of sheds. Since metal doesn’t need to be thick to be protective, it is generally too thin to be able to trap heat inside.  

Another thing to keep in mind about metal sheds is that they don’t have insulation.

One of the most common ways to get a metal shed is to order one pre-assembled. Prebuilt metal sheds almost never come with insulation in them. It also isn’t common for people to request insulation when having one professionally built.  

When a shed doesn’t have insulation, people often think that it will get hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. While the part about colder in the winter is true, it’s not always the case with how the sheds are in the summer. Since the metal is thin, the heat won’t accumulate the way it does with other materials. 

What Should I Do If It Feels Hot Inside My Metal Shed? 

If it feels hotter than it should in your metal shed, then you need to do a bit of maintenance to get things back in order. The first thing you should check is the ventilation. Often, making improvements to the shed’s ventilation can make a huge difference in how hot it gets. 

You should also inspect the shed for any gaps or cracks that need to be filled. Using weatherstripping or silicone caulking can help improve the temperature in the shed.

Some homeowners have also noticed a great deal of improvement by adding an awning to their metal shed. This can help you keep the shed cooler throughout the hottest months. 

Should A Metal Shed Be Insulated To Keep The Heat Out? 

If you live in a climate that sees a variety of weather conditions, you could benefit from getting a metal shed insulated. Keep in mind that while metal sheds don’t get hot, they also don’t prevent heat. This means that a metal shed won’t feel hotter inside than outside, but it also isn’t going to stay cool on its own. 

With a layer of insulation, you will be able to create a block for the heat (and the cold in the wintertime). This means that on a hot summer day, it will still feel warm inside the metal shed with insulation, but not near as hot as it is out in the sun.  

While keeping the heat to a minimum is a great benefit of insulation, it’s not the main reason we recommend it.

The main reason you should consider insulation is to prevent condensation from building up in the metal shed. Metal is thin enough to prevent heat from building up, but it doesn’t create a barrier to stop moisture. 

This allows dew and condensation to easily form inside. One of the best ways to prevent that from happening is by adding a layer of insulation and finding a way to improve the ventilation.  

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Why Is It Cooler In A Metal Shed Than Outdoors On A Hot Day? 

On a blistering hot day, you may notice that your shed is still warm, but not substantially as hot as it is outdoors. Metal can withstand the sun, so it will not be affected if the shed is placed in direct sunlight. When you’re outdoors, you will feel the heat from the sun beating down on you. 

If you step inside the shed, you will not feel the heat as much because the metal creates a shield from the sun. The heat inside the shed will only be as hot as the temperature air outdoors.

A metal shed will be the actual temperature because the weather conditions don’t affect it. Whereas, if you were outside on a hot day you would feel the effects of the sun, which would make you think it was the feels like temperature.