What Lasts Longer: Metal or Wooden Sheds?

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If you are planning on having a new shed built on your property, you likely want to know which type of build will last the long. From our experience, a metal shed typically outlasts the build of a wooden shed. This was good news to a lot of people because metal sheds are usually cheaper to build. 

Today, we’re going to discuss why a metal shed is built to last longer than a wooden shed. If you have been wondering if a metal shed or a wooden shed will last longer, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading to have all of your questions on the subject answered. 

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Does A Metal Shed Last Longer Than A Wooden Shed? 

A shed is an important part of any residential property. This is the spot where you can store your outdoor tools, equipment, and other items when they aren’t in use.

The shed on your property is responsible for protecting items that you have likely invested a fair amount of money in. 

For that reason, it’s probably very important to you that you are investing in a shed that is built to last. That is why you should choose a metal shed over a wooden shed.

While a wooden shed may have that picture-perfect style that looks like a calendar photograph, the materials used are not as durable.  

Metal sheds typically last homeowners a lot longer because the metal materials used are more durable. They can withstand many types of weather conditions without being affected. This can’t always be said about wooden sheds, which are more delicate. 

Do Metal Sheds Require A Lot Of Maintenance? 

What many homeowners prefer about a metal shed is that there is nearly no maintenance when it comes to keeping them in good shape throughout the years. They are designed with metal roofs, so this eliminates the need to replace shingles throughout the years. 

With a wooden shed, harsh rainstorms and heavy wind can severely impact the condition of the shed’s roof shingles. This can cause the shingles to curl, loosen, and even fall off.

When this happens, the wooden shed is at risk of all sorts of damage. In order to keep a wooden shed in good condition, you are required to perform more maintenance.  

For this reason, metal sheds are often more affordable for homeowners. Replacing roof shingles and making other repairs can be costly and time-consuming.

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Why Would A Homeowner Choose A Wooden Shed? 

While a metal shed is a lot more practical for many homeowners, wooden sheds do have their advantages.

Homeowners who have a smaller property but want to do more with their build can benefit from choosing a wooden shed. This is because they can easily build onto the wooden shed or add an extension. 

If you were to build a metal shed, you would not be able to add another level to it in the future. However, with a wooden shed, you can completely change the design over the years. This gives homeowners more flexibility with what they do with their sheds, such as: 

  • Studio space 
  • Game room 
  • Mancave 
  • Workout area    
  • Extra storage and more 

How Can You Make A Wooden Shed Last Longer? 

If you prefer how wooden sheds look, there’s good news. You can make a wooden shed last as long as a metal shed. There is a catch though, you must be willing to put in the annual maintenance.  

The trick that many homeowners use to keep their wooden sheds in good condition throughout the years is to use a coat of varnish once every 12 months.

This will create a protective layer that will help prevent the wood from rotting and other problems.  

If you have painted your wooden shed a particular color, it’s also recommended to give it a fresh coat of paint annually as well to preserve its lifespan.

Many homeowners have been able to extend the life of their shed by over 25 from annual maintenance.

Are Metal Sheds Maintenance-free?  

While metal sheds will require a lot less maintenance throughout the years, they are not completely maintenance-free. There is some upkeep expected from homeowners to keep a metal shed in good condition.

One problem that some homeowners have run into with their metal shed is rusting. However, there are ways that you can keep the problem of rusting to a minimum. 

  1. Use a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels down 
  1. Use a protective seal after painting the shed 
  1. Make sure you fix leaks as soon as you notice them 
  1. Make sure the shed has adequate insulation 
  1. Always replace any damaged or dented parts before the damage gets worse 

When you invest in a metal shed, one of your top priorities should be to ensure that it’s built correctly.

This is why you could benefit from hiring a professional service. If a metal shed is not built to a certain standard, it is at a high risk of rusting because excess moisture will get inside. 

Sadly, it’s not just the shed that is at risk of developing rust when this happens. Read here how to prevent rust.

Many items that are in the shed are also likely to start rusting as well. This includes expensive tools, equipment, and machinery.

What Can Be Used To Keep A Metal Shed Protected? 

When it comes to the maintenance of a metal shed, caulking can be your best friend. Making sure there is a fresh layer of caulking around the seams and screw holes can keep your metal shed well-protected.

This is a great way to prevent leaks from getting through older metal sheds. 

There are many types of caulking available on the market. We strongly recommend that you use silicone caulk because it is a lot stronger and creates a better seal on metal items.

If you make the mistake of using acrylic caulk, it won’t be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.