How To Store a Lawn Mower Outside Without a Shed

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If you want to store a lawnmower outside but don’t have a shed, you’re not out of luck! You can use a waterproof tarp, canopy, or plastic. You need to ensure your mower stays out of the sun and weather. If it gets wet, rust can form quickly. 

You will have to store your lawnmower outside if you don’t have a shed. However, doing so is very simple and cost-effective. You won’t want to buy a new lawnmower any time soon, so always make sure to store your mower correctly. 

How Can I Store a Lawn Mower Outside? 

There are multiple storage options for keeping a lawnmower outside. You want to choose other methods depending on how long you plan to store the mower. For example, you’ll need to take more waterproofing precautions when storing the mower for two weeks compared to three months. 

For temporary storage during the spring and summer, you’ll want to cover the machine with a waterproof tarp. The tarp should protect your mower from rain and debris. You’ll want to store it in an area of your yard that’s out of the way. 

Some people have overhangs on their homes or garages to leave the lawnmower for additional security. Additionally, pop-up canopies or even tents work just as well at keeping the lawnmower dry. 

Can I Store a Lawn Mower Outside Without a Shed? 

Yes, you can easily store a lawnmower outside without requiring a shed. Sheds are costly to build and may not fit in small yards. 

lawn mowers are for outdoor use, so you won’t have to worry about leaving them outside for long periods. You don’t want precipitation to get on the mower very often. Moisture can cause corrosion, which will ruin the mower. 

You’ll want to dry off the mower with a towel after noticing that it got wet. The longer that moisture sits on the machine, the more likely it will cause rusting. 

In short, you can store your lawnmower outside of a shed, as long as you take care to keep it dry. Covering it with a tarp and choosing where you leave it carefully can help keep it safe. 

Where Can I Store My Mower Outside? 

Now, you’ll also want to know where the best places to leave your lawnmower are. Many people park the mower under trees in their yard.  

The trees can provide some protection from rain and snow, especially if they’re very close together. However, you’ll need to take care that your mower doesn’t get covered in debris from the trees. 

Next, you also have the option to store your lawnmower under a porch if you have one. A porch can prevent snow from building up on the mower and keep it out of the way. 

If you don’t have enough trees or a porch, then you’ll simply want to keep the lawnmower as close to your home as possible. Your house can protect it from wind and snow too. Plus, it’s easier for you to check on it. 

You also need to keep your mower far away from any appliances that heat up. The fuel inside of the mower is flammable and can easily catch fire with a tiny spark. That’s why many people suggest that you don’t store lawnmowers in garages connected to your home. 

How Long Can I Store a Mower Outside? 

Unless you take the proper steps to store your lawnmower, the fuel inside will go bad after about a month. While that’s enough time for short-term storage, it won’t last you through the winter. 

After the fuel goes bad, it can cause many issues inside your lawnmower. Rust and blockages are usually the most common problems. 

Overall, it’s a good idea to only store your mower outdoors for short periods. Many people prefer keeping their mowers in the yard during the summer when they often need to use them. It’s more convenient, especially for heavier lawnmowers. 

What If I Need To Store It Longer? 

During the winter, you’ll want to store your lawn mower for months at a time. Winterizing a lawn mower is essential in keeping it running and ready to go for the spring. You may not have to winterize if you live in a warmer climate. 

To fully winterize your storage shed, you’ll want to do all of the following steps: 

  • Drain all of the gas 
  • Remove the spark plugs 
  • Remove the blades while using protective gloves 
  • Drain the oil 
  • Clean the mower 
  • Fill the fuel tank and oil tank again 
  • Add a gas stabilizer 
  • Allow the lawn mower to run for about 10 minutes to circulate the fluid 

Now, you’re ready to store the mower for the winter! Make sure to cover the machine with your tarp and place it somewhere safe. When it’s dry outside, you may want to uncover the mower briefly to remove any condensation. 

If you don’t winterize your lawn mower before storing it, you may find that it doesn’t start back up later! It’s best to avoid the hassle of buying a new lawn mower whenever you can. 

Can I Store My Mower Outside During the Winter? 

You can technically store your mower outside when it’s cold and snowy, but it’s not ideal. If you do have to leave it out during the winter, you should make sure to elevate the mower to keep it off the frozen ground. 

When elevated, air can circulate better, keeping the mower dry. You’ll need to ensure that you use a heavy-duty and waterproof tarp. The more coverage you can give it, the better. A lawn mower cover also works very well. 

If you enjoy DIY projects, you can also build a simple storage box for your lawn mower. You must make it as watertight as possible and leave a tarp inside to cover your appliance. 

Finally, you’ll need to check on your tarp. Bad weather and the sun can cause the plastic to degrade over time. You’ll want to know when it needs replacing since it won’t offer your lawn mower as much protection.